Monday, August 24, 2009


So last year my friend Kelsey told me about an awesome site for people who love to read! It's called! It's like facebook for books! You log in, and search for a book. Once you find the book your looking for you can add it to your virtual book shelf. There it has simple options where you can catagorize books by selecting "I want to read", "Reading now", and "I've read it." Then you can also select the options of naming books as "Favorites", "I own this", or put it on your "Wish list." You can rate and review books, join groups about your favorite books and subjects, and make friends. Shefari is the BEST site for keeping track of what you and your friends are reading. I have a preview of my shelfari shelf on the right side bar of this blog. So click the sign up button underneath it! You won't be sorry!

Read Your Name Challenge

My friend Kelsey told me check this challenge and I thought it was really cool, so check it out!
You read book with the letters of your name! So my name is Niki so I pick a book with a title that starts with "N" and I read it, then I pick a book title that begins with "I", and so on, until I finish my whole name! You could do your first name but I want a challenge so I'm doing my first, middle, and last names! I understand if you only want to do part of your name, or just a nickname because your name could be pretty fun! So read your name before December 31st, 2009! Comment under this post and give me some updates to how the challenge is going for you!

*Oh yeah, I would also just like to tell everyone about my friend Kelsey, who has an awesome book review blog! She got me started as well, so go take a look at her blog! It's!!!*

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Men

I'm going to give this book two stars. Maybe because I read it's prequel "Little Women", and loved it, I had very high expectations. I found it very hard to read, and I basically dragged myself through the book. To me, Jo's funny and frank stories about her school just weren't interesting enough to make me want to read it without, the touching tales of Beth, the amusing tales of Amy, and the sweet tales of Meg. Of course the sisters had their little places in the book, but I don't think it was really the same because the story centered around the boys Jo had taken in at the end of the last book. Daisy and Demi also were featured in this book and I think they were the most enjoyable characters to read about. It surprised me that Jo actually took in one little girl, Nan, who I also found to be quite funny. Jo's two little boys had cute little mini adventures throughout the course of the book. In conclusion, don't read this book if you haven't read "Little Women" but if you must read it to finish the series be prepared for a challenge.

First Post!

So this is my first blog, and I started it to review books! My blog is currently under construction, so please be patient. As soon as finish a book I will post a review, and trust me that will be very often because I LOVE reading and usually finish a book everyday. In the beginning I might post reviews on books I have read before, but I will try to stick to books I have read recently.